Daughters of the King

St. Genevieve Chapter

Daughters of the King is a religious order for lay women associated with the Episcopal Church. There are also Roman Catholic chapters. This is an order for women who take a lifetime vow to follow the Rules of the Order.

Members undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating the Rule of Prayer and the Rule of Service. The mission of this order is the extension of Christ's Kingdom through prayer, service and evangelism, and strengthening the spiritual life of the parish.

Through membership in the Order we are:

  • Given strength through prayer.
  • Helped to learn through study.
  • Provided fellowship with other daughters.
  • Disciplined through following the Rules of the Order.
  • Offered an opportunity for useful work through service to others in need, to their parish and their clergy.

"Prayer without work is empty words, service without prayer is labor lost." Prayer is so simple. It is quietly opening a door and slipping into the very presence of God. There, in the stillness, we can listen to His voice or even petition. What we have to say matters not. Just to be there in His presence is prayer.

If you are interested in joining us, or just want more information, please contact:

President: Betty Bomberger at 908-722-0782 or Fr. Ron at the parish office.